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CNC Syn. Hyd. Press Brake

CNC Synchronize Hydraulics Press Brake

DNC- 60 (Cybelec)

DA-52, DA-56 (DELEM)
Standard Features of CNC Synchronize Hydraulics Press Brake:
  • Synchronized, Y1/Y2 rams control.
  • High precision, high speed bending via advance closed-loop hydraulics.
  • Purvaj manual quick clamp and standard tooling set.
  • Front sheets support Arms.
  • Stroke depth measurement through high precision linear scales.
  • CNC CONTROLLER \96 Delem, cybelec.
  • Servo CNC back gauge with precision ball screw , linear guide way ensures unsurpassed rigidity high productivity speed.
  • Automatic programmable back gauge retract feature.
  • Hydraulically synchronize ram parallelism control compensates uneven force on the bends by means of hydro-electrical technique.
  • Ram speed control.
  • Ram stroke control.
  • Auto & programmable pressure control.
  • Programmable bending speed
Standard back gauge

Cnc Servo position control on X axis and manual adjustments on R, Z 1 and Z 2 Servo CNC back with precision ball screw and liner guide way ensures Maximum rigidity for high productivity speed and high accuracy. Optional multi-axis configurations. X1, X2, Z1, Z2, R1, R2 Allow up to six different movements to be automatically calculated.

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