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Hydraulics Shearing Machine

Hydraulics Shearing Machine

Improved Productivity and Time saving Features in HSVR Models

Squaring Arm Assists Accurate Cutting :
Located on the left end of the table is the 1000 mm Squaring Arm with a steel rule.
An adjustable sliding stop is mounted on the squaring Arm for front gauging short lengths.
Manual Quick Blade Adjustment :
Blade clearance adjustments is an excellent and necessary feature to obtain high shearing quality. Blade clearance adjustments are our all HSVR models on the both side of the machine, which is easily rotated for the appropriate gauge of metal.
Ball Transfer :
Ball transfer mounted in the table is a standards feature on all HSVR models 2506 and bigger. They assist the movements of heavy material over the table surface.
Front support Arms (as per HSVR model) :
These are available 600 mm 1000 mm and 1200 mm length with roller bearing and mount to the table.
Hold down pads :
Hold downs can be equipped with nylatron pads to reduce marking of sensitive material.
Logycal Hydraulics systems :
Purvaj adopt the compact values company’s Hydraulics system of advanced compact structure design, the Hydraulics system is comprised of long life, heavy-duty components mounted on a block. tubes and connections are minimized, and access and serviceability are made easy. The internal gear pump is quiet and extremely reliable, and is rated for years of trouble-free service.
Back Gauge Options :
All HSVR models are equipped with motorize travel, the operator can quickly adjust the cutting length to suit the job.
Actuating Controls :
Fine stroke adjustments rod with limit switch.
As per desired thickness entered will be change rake angle automatic.

LED indication on display for show back gauge position, Stroke counter & Rake angle degree.

  • Shear capacity to 72 kg/ mm² UTS (ultimate tensile strength) in stainless steel & 45 kg/ mm² UTS in Carbon steel.
  • On panel mount control comes with ON/OFF button, Rake angle adjustment selection button.
  • Emergence off.
  • Back gauge control button.
  • LED indication meter for show back gauge position, Stroke counter & Rake angle degree.
  • 600mm back gauge travel with motorized.
  • 4-edged blades top and bottom, customized high carbon, high crome.
  • 1000 mm squaring arm comes with steel rule.
  • Shadow light and line.
  • A footswitch is used control movement of the ram cycle.
  • Adopt three-point rollers guide, through the force to the front roller by the spring, the cutting beam keeps in touch tightly with the two back rollers.
  • Main Drive Motor.
  • Electric control panel.
  • Operational consol.
  • Lever operated blade clearance with calibration. Hardened Transfer bars mounted on table.
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