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Hydraulics NC Shearing Machine

Hydraulics NC Shearing Machine

Standard Features of N Series HSVR Models :
  • Back guage control includes LCD display. Go to position function, 99-preselect programs high accuracies are achieved via precision ball screw, LM Guide, servo motor, producing Longevity and low friction.
Select NC System : Delem :
  • Back gauge (X axis) programming and controlling.
  • Automatically calculating and controlling the cutting angle
  • 4.7’’ single colour LCD display, resolving power : 320×240.
  • Metal thin-diaphragm switches with high quality
  • Simple programming page, every program include 25 steps.
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+91 98257 68697, 99798 83637, 99798 83627
T/Fax : +91 265 2831467
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